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4 reasons why you should switch to LED downlights

LED, light-emitting diodes are the new biggest trend. These lights are so much more efficient than regular bulbs that they could end up saving you money, just with a simple change of bulb.

1) Saving in the long run

Although LED downlights are considerably more expensive in the long run, they could end up saving you money down the line. These bulbs use far less energy than the old-fashioned filament bulbs, so much less that you could end up saving $500 per year. These bulbs will actually pay for themselves within five months of having them in your home, so if you're a bit concerned about splurging , just remember that these bulbs will save you money in the long run.

2) They last longer

LED downlights last approximately 20 times longer than regular halogen bulbs, meaning you won't have to keep pulling out the ladder out to change them. The reason that filament bulbs blow so often is because the filament gets thinner each time you switch a light on. With LED downlights, there is no filament, so there is nothing to get thinner - meaning you will save money on replacing the bulbs every few months!

3) Environmentally friendly

Because LED downlights use less energy, this makes them far better for the environment. They don't use as much energy because they work on a different wattage system - less power is required to make these bulbs function. Old style bulbs cannot be recycled, as they contain mercury. LED downlights do not contain this, meaning they can be recycled safely - helping the environment one bulb at a time.

4) No need to change light fittings

You might be thinking that changing to LED downlights will mean that you will have to change all the existing light fittings in your house. This thought often makes people reluctant to change. The good news is that most types of LED bulbs come with different fitting, meaning all you have to do is buy the correct ones for the types of fittings you have in your home.

There really is no reason why you shouldn't be using LED downlights in your home, and now you know some of the facts about them. If you are in doubt about any of this, you can always ask POWERIX Electrician for their help and input. We can help you answer any questions you may have about LED downlights, help you choose which ones are right for you and even help you install them if you don't have the time. Get in touch today to find out what we can do for you!

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