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Network Cabling

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Network Cabling

Whether you’re renovating or making network connection upgrades, the network cabling in your property should be high up on the list of necessities.

With more and more of our lives taking place online, having a reliable network connection is essential. If you need ultra-fast internet speeds for activities like streaming media or gaming, then installing a wired network may be the way to go as it offers high speed access with no drop in performance. From smart TVs, to computers, tablets and myriad other techs all needing the internet, you must ensure the connectivity at your property can match your requirements. From NBN cables to LAN cabling installation and everything in between, Powerix technicians are here to help.

Bear in mind that only registered cablers can perform cabling work for your home or business but, you've come to the right place as all of our cabling technicians are fully licensed, qualified and immensely experienced!

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Full range of cabling and network services

Our specialised electrical team offers the highest quality of service, fully guaranteeing your safety and security. Our expert technicians have an impressive breadth of experience when it comes to data cabling - from a small business all the way up to large corporate enterprises - so you can trust us for effective solutions without sacrificing productivity!

Our cabling technicians are certified to provide a wide variety of services including:

  • Network cabling design and installation
  • Maintenance and repair of cabling networks
  • Structured cabling networks
  • Wireless network system design and installation
  • Data network panels
  • Complete network installation
  • Communication and data rack upgrades
  • New data and phone points
  • Fault identification and rectification
  • LAN cabling installation for homes and businesses

Network cabling installation Sydney

Network cables are the pathways between computers, routers, switches and storage networks that enable data to flow.  They ensure a seamless flow of vital communication from one device to another. 

Tap into the power of our professional cabling specialists and get a reliable, high-speed connection for your home or office. Our team will design, upgrade and install advanced systems that let you transfer data up to 10 Gigabits per second - enough bandwidth to support multiple connections with voice, video streaming, online activities and more.

Ethernet cabling / network cabling installation

Ethernet cables, or network cables as they are also known, are cables that run from a router, modem, or network switch to your computer. In Australia, they tend to be Cat5, Cat6 and Cat6a cables and, most commonly, are blue cable covers with clear port plugs that connect to a wall socket to provide you with fast internet speeds. These ‘Cat’ cables refer to the speed of the cable and bandwidth: the higher the Cat number, the higher the bandwidth and ergo, the faster the cable is.

Our technicians will carefully plan where to install ethernet connection points and cabling to ensure you have the flexibility that you require. Some rooms in your home or workspace may have wifi signal issues and so installing ethernet cabling will ensure you always have super fast, reliable internet at all times; whether it's for work meetings or your gaming setup.

Ethernet network cables plugged in

LAN cabling installation Sydney

LAN cables are also network cables and also connect various devices allowing data to be transmitted between them. There are 3 main types of ethernet cables that are used for Local Area Networks (LANs):

  • Coaxial cables - TV wires
  • Twisted pair cables
  • Fibre optic cables

The variation in composition of the LAN cable determines the rate of data transfer that they can support. For example, twisted pair copper can transfer at a rate of up to 1 Gigabit per second, whereas the fibre optic cable can transfer much faster at a rate of up to 10 Gigabits per second. So, if your ethernet seems sluggish, check what cable you are using as it may be time to upgrade your cabling.

NBN cable installation and repairs

The NBN is Australia’s National Broadband Network and is a new telecommunications network infrastructure, which means that it is an upgrade of the old internet and phone system. This infrastructure upgrade is to provide fast internet speeds to your property but although the NBN is technically connected to your home or business, in reality, you will have been provided with a cable to the building. This means that you are extremely restricted as to where you can place the modem and some areas of the building may not have reliable signal; that’s where we come in. Our NBN technicians will assess your options and discuss them with you with regards to your current modem location and install NBN cabling to industry standards to deliver your high speed internet.

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