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Are you saving $$$ on every electricity bill by using solar power? No? We can help. Powerix solar experts design, install and repair solar PV systems across Sydney helping homes and businesses utilise the free and abundant power from the sun.

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Benefits of solar power systems

Installing solar power at your property has many amazing benefits:

  • Utilises a renewable energy source.
  • Solar is clean energy.
  • Reduce pressure on the grid - minimising grid maintenance and expansion costs and requirements.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of your family and property.
  • With the addition of a solar battery storage, you can power your property 24/7.
  • Cut electricity bills drastically.
  • Versatile - able to be installed on just about any roof space.
  • Each system is custom designed for your property.
  • Eligible for Small Scale Technology Certificate (STC) which can be used for rebates or discounts.
  • Feed excess solar electricity to the grid and get paid for it  (feed-in-tariffs can vary from retailer to retailer).
  • Customers may be eligible for other federal and state green energy rebates.

Our solar installers only use top quality, reliable solar panels, components, and, inverters to ensure your system provides your home or business with the maximum amount of power possible, for many years to come.

Powerix solar electricians -

  • Customize your home solar energy system for your specific requirements
  • Supply a range of system sizes for all homes and businesses
  • Ensure your solar power system is installed safely and to all state, industry and Australian standards.
  • Offer after sales service, repairs and maintenance throughout Sydney. Also offering these services for systems installed by other companies.
  • Testing and repairs of older solar PV systems to ensure the unit is generating the maximum power possible.

Switch to solar today

Solar power is becoming increasingly popular across Sydney with many households and businesses getting on board to save with a solar PV system. For the very best in solar in Sydney contact our experienced electrical team on 0420 798 861 or complete our solar booking form today.

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Thomas will get your electrical job done

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Absolutely excellent in every way! Did an outstanding job and will immediately hire them next time I need anything done.

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Another happy Powerix Customer

5 Star

Another happy Powerix Customer

5 Star

Another happy Powerix Customer

5 Star

Another happy Powerix Customer

Thomas replaced my old cook top with new one. I find him quick to respond, he offered fixed price and he made sure that I am satisfied with everything

Another happy Powerix Customer

I highly recommended Powerix for all electrical jobs.

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Prompt on reply. job was completed without any fuss with quoted being closer to invoice thanks Thomas

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