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Are you saving $$$ on every electricity bill by using solar power? No? We can help. The friendly team at Powerix are experts when it comes to solar PV systems across Sydney, meaning we can help homes and businesses like yours utilise the free and abundant power from the sun. Our experienced team of CEC accredited solar installers offers the custom design, supply and installation of top quality solar systems , solar repairs as well as routine maintenance, solar panel cleaning and efficiency testing.


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Benefits of solar power systems

Installing a solar power system on your property has many amazing benefits, just a few of these include:

  • Utilises a renewable energy source
  • Solar is clean energy
  • Reduce pressure on the grid - minimising grid maintenance and expansion costs and requirements
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of your family and property
  • With the addition of a solar battery storage, you can power your property 24/7
  • Cut electricity bills drastically
  • Versatile - able to be installed on almost any roof space
  • Each system is custom designed for your property and your power requirements.
  • Eligible for Small Scale Technology Certificate (STC) which can be used for rebates or discounts
  • Feed excess solar electricity to the grid and get paid for it (feed-in-tariffs can vary from retailer to retailer)
  • Customers may be eligible for other federal and state green energy rebates
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Solar power Sydney

Our solar specialists take pride in their extensive industry knowledge and experience, ensuring we offer you the best solar service in Sydney every time. We have seen first hand the benefits that solar can offer to homes and offices across NSW, which ensures that we offer the best solar options no matter your needs. From customised solar systems for all properties to maintenance and repairs services for a range of system sizes to the testing of older solar PV systems to ensure the unit is generating the maximum power possible, we offer the highest level of industry professionalism in Sydney.

Solar services we offer

Our experienced solar electricians offer:

  • Solar installations - using top quality components
  • Solar repairs - ensuring your system is working effectively every day of the year.
  • Solar inverter repairs - keeping this critical component operating correctly.
  • Solar panels - solar panel installation and repairs addressing issues such as reduced power generation, micro cracks, hot spots, hail damage, and more.
  • Solar panel mounting systems - tailored for your rooftop.
Solar Panels

Switch to solar in Sydney today

Solar power is becoming increasingly popular across Sydney with many households and businesses getting on board to save with a solar PV system. For the very best in solar in Sydney contact our experienced electrical team on 0488 856 928 or complete our solar booking form today.

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If you are interesting in purchasing a new solar system check out our online store at Olicta for prices.

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