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Your Local Electrician sydney

All of our electricians bring years of experience, a drive for excellence, and a professional determination to get your job done on time. And we do it with fixed, up-front pricing at prices you can afford.

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Expert Solar Installers

Whether you are wanting to give your home and family affordable clean energy or you need a reliable, cost-effective solar system for your business - a Powerix Electrician can take care of it.

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Experienced Commercial Electrician Sydney

Our team of local commercial electricians will get your electrical job done right and take care of all the details. We look after everything from start to finish so you can concentrate on your business.

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Your Local Electricians Sydney

The most expensive electrical is work that which has to later be torn out, replaced, or fixed. It makes a lot more sense to use our trusted, expert team of local electricians that gets the job done right and on time with a minimum of disruption for your home or business. You will keep expenses down while getting what you need without hassles down the road.

Give us a call and let's talk about what you need. Our expert staff will listen closely, then advise the best, most cost effective solutions when appropriate. We are always happy to visit your site and deliver a money saving, no-obligation quote.

Our Electrician Services

Electrician Services for your Home or Business


Dependable Residential Electricians

Our local electricians are very experienced in providing all the standard solutions. We're also experts at more difficult situations that require experienced creativity and innovation. Whatever the case, you get professional installation, repair, and maintenance that gives you outstanding functionality with optimum visual appeal. From installing more energy efficient lighting to complete home rewiring to ceiling fans and hot water repairs, we can install or fix practically anything in your home. And we do it with fixed, up front pricing at prices you can afford.


Commercial Electricians Providing Excellence From Start to Finish

The main thing you want is a team of local electricians that will get the job done right and take care of all the details. We look after everything from start to finish so you can concentrate on your business. We provide all you need from money saving commercial lighting to electrical cable installation to testing and tagging to emergency and exit systems and much more. Please contact us for your no-obligation FREE quote.


The Property Manager's Most Trusted Electricians

When you've got many units to take care of, we can be the reliable, expert local electricians that make your life a lot easier. From taking care of small repairs to outfitting entire complexes with more efficient lighting and electrical design, we give you the service you need both large and small.


Sydney electricians who clean up after themselves

We believe the most important lessons in life are learned from Mum. She always said "clean up your messes before you leave." That's one of our staunchest rules. Rather than leaving scraps of materials all over your floor, we clean up before we go.

That makes a lot less work for you. It's also the professional thing to do. And it's what Mum would have wanted.

Up front fixed electrical pricing*

Most electricians charge by the hour plus materials.

You literally have no idea how long they're going to take once they encounter all the complications expected and unforeseen in a project. Your bill could be $100 or $10,000. We make life a LOT easier with fixed pricing*. We tell you up front how much it's going to cost for your installation, repair, or maintenance. That way there are no surprises. You know right from the beginning what to expect. And you can rely on us to follow through with professionalism and expert service.

You hate it when an electrician takes forever to get your job done and doesn't do the job like you wanted him to.We, your local electricians, don't like that either.

That's why our team of local electricians are the specialists SYDNEY turns to year after year. With us you get years of experience, a drive for excellence, and a professional determination to get your job done on time.

Free Electrician Quote

Since most electrical jobs are highly customized, we come to your location to understand exactly what you need. As your local electricians we listen closely to your vision, then apply our years of experience on countless projects to suggest the best ways to get what you want. We look for ways to deliver exceptional electrical work while keeping your costs down. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in every way.

We appreciate it when you ask questions. We are always happy to answer on the path to providing a no-obligation quote for your project. If you decide to proceed, you have everything in writing so you know exactly what you're getting. Enjoy our fixed pricing on many jobs. That saves you money while cutting out all the uncertainty that can arise in a construction or maintenance project.

CALL: 0420 798 861

Same Day Electrical Service

Sometimes you need an installation or repair as quickly as possible. We understand that. Our team of local electricians is prepared to fly into action and deliver the service you need within few hours, today, or tomorrow depending on your needs. You won't have to wait all week like other services force you to do. Our organized specialists arrive with the needed supplies and go right to the root of the problem.

You're back in business at record speed. For those who need repairs, this can be a lifesaver.

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CALL: 0420 798 861

Powerix Electrician Reviews

Thomas will get your electrical job done

Another happy Powerix Customer

Absolutely excellent in every way! Did an outstanding job and will immediately hire them next time I need anything done.

Another happy Powerix Customer

5 star

Another happy Powerix Customer

5 Star

Another happy Powerix Customer

5 Star

Another happy Powerix Customer

5 Star

Another happy Powerix Customer

Thomas replaced my old cook top with new one. I find him quick to respond, he offered fixed price and he made sure that I am satisfied with everything

Another happy Powerix Customer

I highly recommended Powerix for all electrical jobs.

Another happy Powerix Customer

Prompt on reply. job was completed without any fuss with quoted being closer to invoice thanks Thomas

Another happy Powerix Customer

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