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Are you looking to make the switch to solar?

Our solar installation experts are able to help you pick the best solar system to suit your needs. Our installation technicians are able to install solar systems from many different manufacturers. With over 10 years of industry experience our installers will have your new system up and running in no time.

Solar Installation Liverpool

Whether you are looking to save money or go green, installing a solar system can help to reduce your carbon footprint dramatically. Our solar specialists are able to assess your needs help you decide what size system will best suit your home or business for optimum efficiency.

How solar PV systems work?

Solar panels that are mounted onto your roof absorb the sunlight and turn that heat energy into electricity. The electricity is then sent through a solar inverter which changes the current from DC to AC. Depending on your needs you can also have a solar tracker which monitors the systems overall performance.

Solar Maintenance Liverpool

Being constantly exposed to the weather can start to take a toll on your solar system and stop it from working at its optimal. Having regular maintenance carried out on your systems will not only keep your system running at is best but will also minimise the need to have repairs later on down the track.

Solar Repairs Liverpool

For unforeseen reasons solar systems can break down and cease to work correctly or at all. It is at times like these that you will need a fully qualified solar repairer. Our solar technicians are able to not only diagnose the problem but also rectify the issue and get your solar system back up and running again in no time.

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