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  • 4 reasons to switch to LED lighting

    LED (light-emitting diodes) bulbs are the new energy efficient lighting option. LED light bulbs are so much more efficient than regular bulbs that they could end up saving you money, just with a simple change of bulb. 1) Lo...


  • What's the difference between a safety switch & a circuit breaker?

    Both safety switches and circuit breakers are important to maintain electrical safety in your home or business. They prevent damage to your property and protect residents from electrical accidents but they have completely different functions. In this article, we discuss the key differe...

Common Issues

  • Why does my safety switch keep tripping?

    Is your safety switch tripping frequently? A safety switch is designed to protect people from electric shocks, a tripping safety switch indicates a problem in your electrical system, so really when it is tripping, it is saving...