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Why Solar Systems Need to Be Checked Regularly

Why Solar Systems Need to Be Checked Regularly

The news over the past few years has been dominated by stories about homes that nearly burnt down from faults in their solar system. Fires started by broken isolators or faulty wiring are becoming a bigger and bigger problem for firefighters throughout Australia. There are however a few regular checks industry experts suggest you do to keep your home and solar system safe. 

Regular Maintenance and Inspection of your Solar System

Importance of Regular Maintenance

Consistent upkeep of your solar system can significantly reduce the chances of a catastrophic system failure, which, in extreme scenarios, will lead to a house fire. You wouldn't expect your car to run 24/7 365 days a year without being serviced yearly. So like your car, your solar system needs to be serviced regularly to ensure it is running efficiently and to minimise the chance of system failures in the future.

So What Does Regular Maintenance Entail?


Before we go any further, Electricity is very dangerous and all electrical work should be left to licensed electricians. Solar panels can and do still produce electricity during the night and even when isolator switches are tripped. Please leave any electrical work on your solar system to licensed professionals.

What Can You Do?

There are some things you can look out for to ensure your system is operating efficiently Including:

  • Monitor Outputs of Your Solar System: If you have a grid-connected system you can monitor its outputs in your power bills; if not you can use your system's monitors (where installed) to monitor outputs. Considerable decreases in your outputs can mean the system may not be operating as efficiently taking into consideration conditions within the period (long periods of overcast weather will affect outputs).
  • Regularly Check Data Screens: Your solar system has a myriad of self-checks and fail-safes that it does to ensure that it is operating properly and safely. If one of these checks fails it will notify you with error messages either via a data screen on the inverter or on the system's online interface.
  • Inspect Panels For Debris: Where you can safely from the ground or windows, visually inspecting your solar panels is a great way of ensuring they are running efficiently. You are looking for buildups of debris such as dirt, bird droppings, tree sap etc. You can also look for running (orange or red) lights on the inverters; check that panels look securely secured to the roof and check for damage to panels, inverters, isolators, and wiring.
So What to Do If Something Looks Wrong?

If one of your checks reveals anything out of the ordinary such as:

  • Decreased Outputs
  • Error messages
  • Damages to the System

If you are unsure about anything concerning your solar system contact your local licensed solar technician and they can inform you of further actions. On top of these checks industry experts from the Clean Energy Council (CEC) suggest you have your solar system inspected at least once a year. These inspections allow for licensed CEC technicians to ensure your system is running as it should be and give them a chance to fix or replace any parts that are worn out or broken. So what checks do they do? Solar technicians will undertake the following checks:

  • Solar Inverter Inspection
  • Solar Panel Inspections
  • Solar Isolator Inspection
  • Wiring Inspections
  • Mounting Array Inspections
  • System Performance tests
  • Current and Ground Testing
  • Inverter efficiency testing (testing the input versus outputs)
  • Irradiance and module temperature (to determine if any components are running inefficiently)

These checks allow technicians to get a deeper understanding as to how your system is operating ensure that it is running safely and decrease the chance of system failures. 

Solar System Experts

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