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July 14, 2020

4 reasons why it’s important to think about colour temperature in lighting warm white, cool white, daylight

It’s amazing what a difference the color of a light can make in a room. It can really add to the feeling of the whole house. It’s surprisingly important to consider the colour temperature when you’re looking at the aesthetic of a room, and if you try out a few different looks, you might be amazed how much they can change the overall atmosphere. Considering the color temperature of the lighting in your in rooms allows you to optimize them for their intended activity, improving your productivity and your mood.

1) Open spaces:

One major reason to look at color temperature in your home is that it can help you get a brighter, more modern look. Choosing a color higher in the spectrum, such as cool white 4000K, will give spaces a sharper aesthetic, and brighten up dingy rooms, making them feel light and airy. This is a particularly good way to lighten darker spaces with smaller windows. For kitchens, studies, and bathrooms – where comfort needs to be coupled with a good working environment – a colder color will allow you to see what you’re doing and work more efficiently.

2) Color accuracy:

To further increase this effect, particularly if you have an art studio or display, you could look at daylight 5700K, which is designed to mimic daylight as closely as possible. Having good lighting while working on projects will make it easier to choose the right colors, ensuring that your art is in its best form; it’s not easy to paint a beautiful color picture in the dark.

3) Productivity

As well as increasing the sense of openness in your house, these colder lights will also help your productivity. Warmer lights are more likely to make you feel sleepy and relaxed, as they are closer to the colors of sunset, and trigger an increase in hormones, which make you sleepy. By installing cold lights in office spaces, you can ensure that your brain is functioning throughout the evening hours when you want to focus, rather than switching off for the night.

4) Promoting Relaxation

This obviously leads to a reverse situation; when you want to relax, you may want to consider warm light colors. As mentioned, some studies suggest that these warmer colors can make you sleepy and help promote regular sleeping patterns. This means that, for a bedroom or living room, you might want to look at warm white 3000K lighting, which will make the room cozy and relaxing, and may even help you wind down for sleep. This sort of lighting looks more conventional, and can really help turn off the mind.

By thinking carefully about the types of lighting in your home, you can make every room feel in tune with its purpose, keeping your productivity high and ensuring you are able to relax when you want to. The rooms where you are working, for example, the kitchen, will have sufficient lighting for you, and the rooms where you want to unwind will have the comforting yellow-orange of a beautiful sunset.

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