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Is your electricity bill proving an unwelcome financial strain? There’s a cost-effective answer to lowering household utility payments, and it’s in the name of solar. Powerix, your local electricians in Sydney are here to cater to all your power-related needs. Expert solar installers, the first step toward cleaner, more affordable energy begins with us.

Powerix are accomplished in all facets of solar PV systems , which means sun-derived energy is just a phone call away from your household, and or business.


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Solar Panels: how do they work?

With contemporary society growing increasingly climate-aware, the name of solar energy passes through one’s ears regularly. Though its benefits to the earth, along with its cost-saving tendencies, are common knowledge to most, what its exact function is isn’t.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels, mostly installed on the roofs of businesses and homes, transfer energy from sunlight to direct current (DC) electricity, before an inverter converts the DC electricity to an alternating current (AC). Alternating currents are used to deliver power to households, businesses and more.

Considering the sun doesn’t charge us for using its energy, electricity costs are on average far lower in households with solar power systems installed. However, the extent to which solar energy can cover the needs of your premises is determined by the size, location and type of roof you have. Powerix will happily answer any questions you have about solar availability on your premises. Contact us today on 0406 244 586 for a solar quote.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels Costs in Sydney

A common question asked about solar power revolves around the initial cost of panels system installation. Price-wise, consumers can generally expect to pay between $2,500 and $12,000 (post- Government rebate ).

Why such a variance in price? Well, cost is determined by what type and size solar panels you opt for on your premises. The higher the kW (kilowatt) your system has, the greater the energy output and of course, the initial outlay will be.

Additionally, choosing a high-quality inverter can add approximately 20% to your overall purchase cost.

At Powerix, only install solar panel systems of the absolute highest quality, and assure your satisfaction at our completed work.

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Why should I have a Solar Panels System installed in Sydney?

It’s fast becoming a normality of Australian home and business owners to implement solar power as their primary energy resource. Almost 15% of households in Australia have solar panels installed. The reasons for this trend are straight-forward:


Upon installing a solar panel system on your roof, you receive free electricity from the sun. Per quarter, it is estimated that the average family saves around $1,000, equating to approximately $4,000 per year. Also, solar panel installation is regarded as a great addition in value to your property.

Clean energy:

As of now, environmental well-being is in grave danger. Coal-fired power is not only more costly, but a burden on this earth. Self-generation of energy is sustainable, efficient, and harmless to the earth’s atmosphere. Play a role in the mitigation of CO2 emissions; get solar panels installed on your premises today.

The time for cleaner energy is now. Get solar, Sydney.

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