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BOOK A Solar Power Specialists in Garie Beach

BOOK A Solar Power Specialists in Garie Beach

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If you are looking to go green or save money on your next power bill the best way to do that is by switching to solar power. Green, renewable solar energy could be one of the best ways to reduce your electricity costs and cut your carbon footprint. With the rise in manufacturers and government incentives, solar PV systems are now more affordable than ever.

The experienced solar installers at Powerix can take care of all your solar system installation, solar panel repairs, as well as solar inverter repair services, safety and efficiency testing. Speak to one of our solar experts today and find out how solar power can work for your home.

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Solar system & panel installation Garie Beach

Choosing the perfect solar system to meet the power demands of your home or business is our speciality. Our solar electricians analyise your building to find the most effective position for your solar panels ensuring they are able to capture the most amount of sunlight possible. We'll also work out exactly what size solar system is required to provide you with an abundant supply of green energy.

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A brief description of how do solar PV systems work?

Solar panels are made from silicon cells. When photons from sunlight hit the solar panels, they are converted into electricity. The solar inverter converts the direct current generated by solar panels into alternating current.

Find out more about the benefits of switching to solar & how solar panels work:

Solar maintenance services

In order to keep your solar system working at its best our electricians recommend regular maintenance checks are carried out throughout the year. This can be as simple as carefully cleaning the solar panels or more specialised servicing such as replacement of weathered wiring and framing. With regular maintenance you can increase the life of your solar system well above the manufacturers suggested lifespan as well as ensuring it's working to capacity everytime the sun is shining.

Solar system, inverter & panel repairs in Garie Beach

Overall solar PV systems are relatively low maintenance, providing years of free power from the sun with little upkeep needed. However, wear and tear, weathering, storm damage, or just faulty components can mean your solar system will need repairs. Our solar repair experts work with all solar manufacturers and are able to diagnose and fix a huge range of issues with panels, inverters, isolators, wiring or mounting systems that may be causing your solar system to stop working or reduce efficiency.

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For the very best in solar installations, repairs, testing and maintenance throughout Garie Beach contact our local Powerix solar electricians on 0420 798 861 or alternatively complete our quick online solar booking form today.

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