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Electrical Safety Inspection Sydney

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Comprehensive electrical safety checks for home & business

Even if you may not be experiencing signs of electrical system failure, it does not mean you do not have any underlying electrical problems. It's always best to be on the safe side.

Schedule an Electrical Safety Inspection in Sydney today with Powerix electricians and rest easy knowing that your home or workplace is safe from potential electrical hazards.

Powerix has years of experience conducting Electrical Safety Inspections, for residential or commercial properties throughout Sydney. We provide a prompt, quality inspection service adhering to the Australian/ New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS 3008) and guarantee our work. Once the inspection is completed we will provide you with a full report of any issues or areas of concern.

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What does an electrical safety inspection involve?

An electrical safety inspection involves a review of the electrical circuits and systems throughout the building. The electrical inspection helps identify any systems or fittings which may be overloaded, overheating, or at risk of potential problems. Any issues are highlighted so that potential hazards or areas of concern can be rectified immediately.

Electrical safety inspections of older houses or buildings are particularly important. If an inspection has not been carried out for a number of years there is often a risk of ageing or faulty earthing or wiring, which can cause extensive damage or harm.

During the electrical safety inspection, the visual audit with detailed tests is conducted with the power switch off. After completion, your electrical system will be restored to full power. A full report will be completed detailing the overall condition of your electrical installation, the level of safety, and any remedial work needed.

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When to book an Electrical Safety Inspection?

  • If your house is more the 25 years old
  • Your property has never had an inspection
  • There is old wiring in the house
  • Electrical equipment in your home is operating erratically
  • You are using a number of appliances that are more than 5 years old
  • You are about to sell your property - having an up-to-date electrical safety inspection can be an extra selling point for potential buyers
  • It could save you money in the long run by identifying small issues before they become big problems.

Electrical hazards can be very dangerous, and even deadly. That’s why it’s important to have a professional electrical safety inspection done regularly, by a qualified electrical company like Powerix.

Licenced and professional electricians in Sydney

At Powerix our goal is to provide customers with exceptional, prompt and effective electrical services. For the very best in electrical safety inspections across Sydney, the Eastern Suburbs, North Shore, the CBD and Sutherland Shire, contact Powerix today.

Book an electrical safety inspection with Powerix electricians by calling 0420 798 861 or simply book online above.

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