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Need a safety switch in your home or business?

Powerix Electrical can help. Whether you need to install a safety switch or repair a fautly switch, you can get it checked by our team of licensed Sydney electricians at Powerix to ensure your homes electrical safety. Faulty safety switches can be an indicator of an underlying electrical wiring problem in your home or appliances which can put you under immense risk of fire, electrical shock and even death. Book an electrician today for complete safety switch installation, testing, and repairs throughout Sydney.

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What are safety switches and why are they important?

Safety switches are also known as Residual-Current Device (RCD) and Residual-Current Circuit Breaker. The function of the RCD/safety switch is to measure the current flowing in and out of the electrical circuit (the current needs to be equal). In case there is a leakage the safety switch will disconnect the power supply within 30 milliseconds.

An RCD or safety switch is different from a circuit breaker as it is designed to protect people rather than appliances or electrical systems.

The fitting of a safety switch is mandatory in NSW on new buildings or when carrying out renovations or extensions. They are also required to be installed when electrical work is being carried out to a power point or lighting circuit.

If your safety switch keeps turning off or it won’t turn back on, our electricians can help.

Safety Switch in Switchboard

Common safety switch problems

The common safety switch problems our electricians encounter include:

  • Safety Switch keeps turning off and won’t turn back on?
  • Safety switch keeps tripping?
  • Can’t reset your safety switch?

Faulty appliances, electrical wiring, or overload in the circuit by too many active appliances can cause your RCD to trip.

What should you do to fix the safety switch?

  1. Try to reset the safety switch.
  2. If step 1 doesn’t work, unplug all your appliances like your computer, electric kettle, washing machine, dishwasher etc and lamps.
  3. Try to reset the safety switch again.
  4. If it works, try plugging back your appliances individually to see which one might be causing the issue. Avoid touching the appliances while you are testing.
  5. If there is any issue with any appliance your safety switch will trip enabling you to identify the faulty unit. Get the faulty appliance tested with a licenced appliance repair technician before you use it again.

It is best to contact your local licensed electricians to get the issue resolved if you have any worries. Powerix offers professional and reliable electrical safety switches installation, maintenance, and repair services. Call us now to get your safety switch fixed.

We provide the best electrical services across Sydney including CBD, North Shore, Eastern Suburbs and Sutherland Shire.

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Safety Switches are important for the electrical safety of your house. Contact Powerix now on 0488 856 928 or fill in our online electrician booking request form.

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