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Need a reliable LED lighting electrician in Sydney?

The qualified team at Powerix Electrical can assist with all your LED lighting needs in and around the Sydney area. Our skilled electricians can help you choose the best LED lighting for you and your home, ensuring the most cost effective and quality options without forgoing light quality and standards. We also understand the importance of ensuring your lighting fits within the style and design of your home, and have practical solutions to ensure all LED fits right in wherever its installed. Give the friendly people at Powerix Electrical a call today and we can talk about LED installation options!

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What are LED lights?

LED lights, otherwise known as ‘Light Emitting Diodes’, are the most cost effective and energy efficient lighting options for residential and commercial premises currently available. They are about 80% more energy efficient than other lighting choices , due to the fact that around 5% of their energy is converted into heat and the other 95% is used as light. In addition to this, LED lighting has ‘directional’ status meaning it sends light in one particular direction only, as opposed to traditional lighting which sends both heat and light in all directions. They are also durable, have a long life span (around 50,000 hours!), offer instant illumination, are low maintenance and offer a solution for hard to reach areas due to their small size.

Energy saving LED lighting

LED lighting offers a practical solution in electricity cost reduction and Powerix can help you every step of the way! Our skilled electricians can assist in the installation of LED lighting through any part of your home, including both track lighting and downlights, as well as many other LED lighting options. Just not sure, or need to know a little more about LED lighting installation? Give us a call and our qualified electricians can discuss your thoughts and assist in making your plans a reality.

Why choose Powerix?

We pride ourselves on our professional service, our prompt response times and our practical solutions to all LED related questions and concerns. We understand the need to bring your electricity bill down as soon as possible and, with so many designs available, our team can help you make the tough choices when it comes to choosing the LED lighting suitable for your home and get them installed as soon as possible. Energy efficiency never looked so good!

Give us a call on 0488 856 928 and we can discuss LED installation for your home today, or complete our online electrician service request form and someone can contact you.

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