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Professional exhaust fan installation Sydney

Sick of your kitchen or bathroom stinking? A good exhaust fan can help remove smells and moisture from your home, making it a more pleasant place to be. We offer professional installation of exhaust fans in Sydney homes, so you can start enjoying the benefits right away.

Our experienced electricians will take care of everything for you – from helping to choose the right fan for your needs, to installing it quickly and efficiently. You’ll have a better-smelling home in no time at all.

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How do exhaust fans work?

An exhaust fan works by drawing out moisture, steam, smoke and odour along with air, this draws fresh, clean air into the room.

Ideal areas to have an exhaust fan installed are the kitchen, toilet and bathroom. They help to remove steam, condensation, and excess moisture from the bathroom and kitchen and help remove unpleasant odours from your toilet, improving the quality and ventilation in your home.

Exhaust fans can help improve air quality by removing harmful pollutants and gases from the air, which is important for reducing the spread of airborne illness and improving comfort levels. They are a great way to keep your home or work environment a healthy and safe place.

Exhaust fan installation project

Another benefit of installing an exhaust fan is it can assist with preventing mould and mildew from occurring in your home, when steam is created it settles on walls, ceilings and other surfaces, and when this is left mould is often the result.

Exhaust fans are an easy and affordable way to improve air quality which can help you breathe easier and feel more comfortable.

In Australia ceiling mounted exhaust fans are the most popular, and are generally the easiest to install, and they have come a long way in design and efficiency, modern exhaust fans boast a sleek and quieter operating system, a variety of styles, sizes and capacity.

You can also choose from a range of models that are an exhaust fan plus light, these are particularly good for bathrooms and toilets as they are generally smaller rooms, therefore it makes sense to find a unit that will provide ventilation as well as lighting.

What size exhaust fan do I need?

The most important factor when deciding on an exhaust fan is the size of your room.

Every time the exhaust fan extracts a full volume of air in the room you achieved one air change. The number of air changes to aim for depends on many factors, including the type of room. For example in a bathroom, you should aim for approx 15 air changes per hour.

A good start is to identify the exhaust fan capacity, this is generally measured by m3/hr (cubic metres per hour). Check the specifications to see how many cubic metres of air a fan extracts in an hour, then divide the capacity of the fan by the size of the room you wish to install the fan in, your answer will be the number of air changes possible with this model.

Exhaust fan upgrade

A guide to finding the right capacity exhaust fan

  • Decide on the number of air changes you would like to archive, aiming for 15 air changes in a bathroom and 10 in a toilet, this will depend on the environment.
  • Take into consideration the measurements of the length, width and height of the room, in meters as an exhaust fan's capacity is measured in cubic meters.
  • Multiply the length, width and height - for example, 2m length x 3m wide x 2.5m height  = 15m3
  • Multiply the answer by the number of air changes you would like to achieve.

Example: To find the capacity required to archive 15 air changes in a 15m3 room, multiply 15x15 = 225. You will need an exhaust fan with an approx 225m3/hr capacity.

FYI: If you are replacing an existing ceiling or wall mounted exhaust fan is it important to find a model that matches the size of the existing hole.

Reliable kitchen & bathroom exhaust fan installation in Sydney

All of our electricians bring years of experience, a drive for excellence and a professional determination to get the job done on time. Book an exhaust fan installation with Powerix electricians by calling 0420 798 861 or simply book online above.

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